Brake Service for your Genesis Vehicle

May 2nd, 2019 by

Cruising down the road in your luxurious new Genesis vehicle is an experience to savor. However, one thing that can begin to diminish this experience, while also making driving far less safe, is having malfunctioning brakes. At Genesis of Kearny Mesa, our expert technicians at our San Diego Genesis service center are here to ensure your car’s parts are performing at their best.

Why Brake Maintenance is Important

Your driving experience is nothing without a solid braking system. Beyond the fact that your brakes are the most important safety feature in your car, having brakes that perform smoothly allows you to enjoy smooth cornering and drama-free cruising through town. Between the brake lines filled with brake fluid and your car’s rotors, there are lots of different parts that need to be in good condition for your brakes to work well. By bringing your car over to our shop on a regular basis, you can get the maintenance done that you need in order to avoid having to replace your brake parts.

You can tell when your brakes are going out when it takes longer than normal to come to a complete stop. Your brake pedal can also begin to feel soft when your brakes are malfunctioning as well. High-pitched noises or grinding sounds are also tell-tale signs that your brakes need work.

Our Service Center

Our certified technicians at our service center will get right to work checking every part in your braking system, including your brake fluid levels, calipers, and much more. We can supply your car with fresh brake fluid if necessary and we can also replace any broken parts with OEM Genesis brake parts if needed. Schedule your service appointment today so our top-notch service team can make sure your brakes are safe and sound.

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