Don’t Fall for These Car-Buying Myths

June 17th, 2019 by

During your time shopping for your next gorgeous luxury car, the process can very easily go from feeling excited about your new car to getting confused and stressed out. To avoid this, head over to Genesis of Kearny Mesa, where our sales team is dedicated to making sure your experience at our San Diego Genesis dealer goes by smoothly. One of the best ways to improve your experience is to debunk some common car-buying myths.

Myth: You’ll Get the Best Deal if You Wait to Mention Your Trade

Many people think that if they mention their trade early on, the salesperson won’t feel the need to offer a good deal. However, every car dealer knows this tactic by now and it won’t earn you a better deal. The best way to trade in your car is to get the value online using our easy-to-use tool and to factor that into your financing. Our team will start the appraisal process when you arrive at our dealership in order to make your visit smooth and quick.

Myth: Wait Until the Last Day of the Month for the Best Deal

A common mode of thinking with this myth is that you will catch a desperate salesperson who will give you a ridiculously good offer in order to meet their monthly quota. There are lots of assumptions in this myth, including the idea that the salesperson hasn’t met their quota already. It also assumes that there are better deals available that aren’t being offered, which often isn’t true.

Myth: Visit the Dealer on a Rainy Day

This old myth assumes that nobody wants to test drive a car on a rainy day, so salespeople will be more willing to offer good deals. Unfortunately, just about everyone has heard this myth, so you’re far better off simply visiting the dealership on the day that works best for you!

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