Facing Common Road Hazards in Your Genesis Vehicle

August 15th, 2019 by

If you are fairly new to driving, then you still have some experience to gain before you know how to handle all of the obstacles that could come your way on the roads. However, even the most seasoned driver can run into issues time and again and it is all a matter of how you deal with these situations as they pop up. Our staff at Genesis of Kearny Mesa has put together some helpful tips on the best ways to deal with common road hazards when you are out and about behind the wheel in your new Genesis car.

Work Zones – Road construction happens to be something that you will see most often while you are driving. Whenever you come across a work zone, you need to slow down and be mindful of all signage and instructions given by workers. There will also usually be heavy equipment and other vehicles that you will need to carefully navigate around as you make your way through.

Road Debris – There can be debris in the road wherever you go, and it can come from the trees around the roads or from items falling off of or out of other vehicles who have passed before you. When you come across any road debris, you need to slow down and be careful to either drive around it or carefully drive over it if it is something small. Never try to get out of your Genesis sedan to move anything that looks like fallen wires, as it can be extremely dangerous.

When it comes time to care for your Genesis G70, you can feel confident bringing it into our service team at Genesis of Kearny Mesa. If you would like to make a service appointment, all you have to do is give us a call, use our convenient online scheduling form, or stop by to see us at 4797 Convoy Street in San Diego, CA.

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