General Fall Auto Care at Genesis of Kearny Mesa

October 15th, 2019 by

If you are like many people who live and work in the San Diego area, you depend on your vehicle on a daily basis. While the fall months are very mild in this region, the change in season is always a good mile-marker to keep in mind for automotive maintenance. At Genesis of Kearny Mesa, we are here to help you with all of your service needs and our team is ready to assist when major repairs are needed. These are just a few of the Genesis service options our customers may want to think about:


It goes without saying that brakes remain a vital element of any vehicle. You can bring your Genesis G80 in for a brake inspection and our service technicians will take care of everything. If you ever notice a spongy brake pedal when you push it or if you hear unusual noises like grinding or squealing, it is best to come in for brake service right away.

Air Filter

While the air filter seems to be a small detail in the grand scope of automotive maintenance, you still need to keep an eye on it. We will check for any dust and dirt built up and make sure that you have a new filter installed so that your engine can take in clean air for proper function.


There are several important fluids to check out in your vehicle in the fall. When your car is at our Genesis dealership, we can top off the washer fluid, check the oil, and make sure that you have plenty of coolant and brake fluid so you’re good to go!

4797 Convoy Street in San Diego, CA is where you will find us at Genesis of Kearny Mesa. You can schedule your fall service by using our online scheduling form or just give our team a call in the service department.

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