Maintain Your Genesis G70 with Oil Changes in San Diego

December 12th, 2019 by

At Genesis of Kearny Mesa, we’re happy to help our customers find the Genesis sedan that best suits them. We’re equally committed to helping you care for your vehicle at our Genesis service center near Kearny Mesa, CA. Lean on our service experts for critical procedures like oil changes. 

Why Oil Changes Matter

While it’s a relatively simple service, oil changes are very significant. Your Genesis sedan’s engine relies on oil to keep all components cool and properly lubricated. Refreshing the oil supply at regular intervals helps remove potentially harmful build-up and debris, and keeps the engine working as it should. Skipping appointments can create issues with corrosion, overheating, fuel efficiency, and overall vehicle performance. The worst-case scenario could involve problems with a faulty engine that requires serious repairs. 

Observing a consistent maintenance and oil change schedule is an effective preventative measure. The right service interval will depend on the type of vehicle, but it’s generally advised to schedule oil changes every three months or so if you use conventional oil. If your vehicle runs on synthetic oil, oil change visits can be less frequent at approximately every six months. 

When in doubt, ask our Genesis service technicians for their expert opinion. Our Genesis service team can provide a schedule that’s best for your particular vehicle. Of course, if you ever encounter strange burning smells, smoke, or unusual noises coming from your engine, these are indications that your vehicle is due for an oil change.

Schedule an Oil Change Today
Protect your vehicle investment with routine service and maintenance at our Genesis dealership. Consult your owner’s manual and our Genesis service team to determine whether it’s time for your next oil change at our Genesis dealership near Encinitas.

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